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To fall in love is one thing, to be loved is another. This is the major problem is most relationships, you’re so in love with her that you’re ready to anything for her but you’re not sure if she feels the same way about you.

A one sided relationship can’t grow or move forward. When you give your partner a reason to doubt his love for you, he tends to get tired of the relationship and might call it quit at some point.

Finding a woman who truly loves you can be a hard task. Women don’t like to show their love because they feel they’ll be taken for granted and it just makes things quite difficult. A relationship should be a “50-50” affair, no one is meant to love more than the other.
It is not a crime for the both of you to love each other equally, love is about is making sacrifices, no one is perfect.

However, she is not worth your effort if she is ever stressing you.
1. She is selfish

A woman who is all about herself and doesn’t care about your opinions or feelings isn’t meant for you.
Never waste time on a woman who only cares about herself. She ain’t worth your time.

2. You have too many differences
You need a sense of compatibility with her for things to work in your relationship.
When there’s no compatibility, there will be lots of arguments. Going back and forth in a relationship doesn’t help.
“I love you the way you are”, that’s probably the most popular lie we say to each other.

3. No communication

No communication
Communication is very important in a relationship and if there’s no communication your relationship won’t make any progress.
She rarely or doesn’t call you to check on you unless you call. Some girls will argue guys are meant to do most of the calling, really?
Never waste your time on someone who isn’t ready to use her airtime to call you.

4. She never creates time for you
Time is crucial in a relationship. No matter how busy she is if she really cares about you, she’ll create time for you.
She will make all sorts of sacrifices to make things work. Love is all about sacrifice.
It makes no sense dating someone who can’t be with you.

5. She compares you to other guys
Most girls actually do this and it’s quite bad. Yes, you can correct him and make him realize his mistakes or faults without comparing to some guy who is probably asking you out or developing feelings for you.

Love is not a one sided thing, it’s not a responsibility for the guy alone. Both of you have to make it work, sort out your differences and know more about each other.
No one is worth the stress If they make you feel less important.


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